Demolition grab DG-30

DG-20 Assy with bars
DG-20 Assy with bars
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      • Oversized pins all combined with heavy duty wear bushings on rotating points.
      • Powerful hydraulic rotation motor.
      • No drain line needed for the hydraulic motor.
      • One hydraulic cylinder with cushion at the end of stroke (opening).
      • Less hydraulic components, less possibility of leakage.
      • Hydraulic connections at both sides of the Swivel Top
      • Easy maintenance.
      • Easy accessibility of the adjustment of the opening/closing speed and rotation speed. All accessible by a hole in the swivel top.
      • Pilot check valve against unexpected opening of the arms.
      • All hydraulic connections for opening/closing G3/4”. Less heating up of hydraulic oil.
      • Stiff Frame with Side plates and Bottom plate made of Hardox400.
      • Arms complete build up with Hardox400.
      • Interchangeable and reversible cutters (HB500).
      • Heavy and strong bearing (slewing ring) with 360° hydraulic rotation.
      • Brake valve on hydraulic motor for protection of the motor seals.
      • Easy to grease in one position.
      • Large jaw opening and high closing force.
      • Special requests can be discussed.
      • Optional : cutters.


Model NPKDG-30
Excavator weight (ton)18 - 30
Weight (kg)1750
Capacity (L)800
Open/close – Working pressure (MPa)35
Open/close – Oil flow (l/min)100
Rotation – Working pressure (MPa)13
Rotation – Oil flow (l/min)25
Closing force (kN)72
Jaw – opening (mm)2410
Width (mm)1115



Demolition-grabs.pdf (1.67 MB)
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