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Cruncher G-21EH


NPK® supplies their well known crunchers with integrated magnet to ease the sorting on site and to work more efficient. The electromagnet is operated by an additional ( hydraulic) powerpack. Equipped with NPK®’s exclusive booster system which provides maximum crunching force and fast cycle times.
This booster system automatically activates whenever the jaws meet resistance.
Compared to competitive crunchers without such a booster, the pressure intensifier system has a relatively low oil flow and produces faster cycle times and more crushing strength.


  • Saving manpower and time on site.
  • Powerfull electromagnet 2,4 – 3,4 kW.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Large jaw opening.
  • Piston rod fully protected against damage.
  • Low oil flow – other functions of excavator are not influenced.
  • The same cruncher parts for G and G-EH series
  • High productivity and extreme power.
  • Designed and produced by the world´s largest manufacturer of boom mounted attachments.
  • Standard rebar cutters.
  • Worldwide sales and product support network.


Model NPKG-21EH
Excavator weight (ton)19 - 28
Operating weight (kg)2130
Max. jaw opening (mm)800
Working pressure (MPa)26
Oil flow (l/min)100 - 200
Max. force (A) (kN)670
Max. force (B) (kN)830
Voltage (V)DC 220
Dimensions magnet (mm)Ø 600×250
Power (kW)2.4